Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Action Car Show - Moab, Utah

The April Action Car Show takes place this weekend against the stunning backdrop of Moab, Utah.  People  travel from all over the U.S. to participate in all that Moab has to offer during this special weekend.

The Rotary Club of Moab is at the helm this year and J.C. Hackett will be spinning the tunes.  You can learn more about the 21st Annual April Action Car Show by clicking here.

To get a feel for this car show take a look at video highlights from an episode of the TV show My Classic Car showing host Dennis Gage visiting Moab for the first time and taking in the sights and the show.

Highlights from a past show:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1969 Mini Cooper S Pickup Truck

This has to be one of our favorite "Finds of the Day" by Hemmings.  A pristine 1969 Mini Cooper S pickup for sale on

This factory built pickup has been restored to a condition that has won "Best in Class" in every car show entered.

From the seller's description:

Original, restored ’69 shell and VIN plate, with sliding glass windows, exposed hinges, etc. No rust ever and no bondo used in restoration.

This is the only known example of what is essentially now a 2000 model Mini Cooper 1275 S pickup. It is extremely nimble and very quick, due to the very reliable twin-point fuel injection.

Mini pickups were manufactured between 1961-1982 and were built on the extended van platform. Out of the millions of Minis sold throughout the world, there were 521,494 vans built, but only 58,179 pickups. Since the pickup was used mostly as an open-haul work vehicle in rainy Great Britain, most pickups deteriorated beyond the possibility of restoration and there are only a handful of nice, solid ones left, most likely less than 500 in the world. Only a handful of those nice ones have been completely restored to a high level of quality.

If you want attention at car shows and on the road, this is the vehicle that keeps people looking, circling, asking questions, and oohing and aahing. It has sat next to exotic Italian coach-built supercars, with this little pickup drawing most of the love.

It certainly caught our attention.