Monday, February 12, 2018

5 Cars That Will Go Down in History as True Classics

When it comes to making an investment in a classic car there are a few things that most people look for when shopping around. First, they look for cars that have some sort of sentimental value to them or cars that bring back youthful memories from their lives or cars that are fun to drive around town or show off at car shows. They also look for cars that have power and sleek or unique design as well as cars that have been able to remain popular and will be able to bring them more money in the future due to the ability to increase in value over the years. If you are in the market to purchase a classic or vintage car, here are five that you may want to consider as an investment for the future.

5. Mercedes-Benz 190E

Mercedes-Benz 190E was introduced to the world in 1982 and continued production through 1993. This was the first compact executive car delivered by this prestigious manufacturer.  The 190E uses fuel injection rather than a carburetor as previous models had always utilized and this helped ensure that the 190E was a very powerful model. As a compact car it was, and still is, able to compete with other high-end executive automobiles and the luxury models came fully equipped with many features including a slide steel sunroof, electric windows and walnut wood trim. With a 2.3 engine that could go from zero to 62 in less than 8 seconds and could reach speeds up to 230 mph, this was a car that was in high demand among business executives and today, retains excellent value for those that still see the true beauty of the car and have chosen to own one as a collector. 

4. Morris Minor

The Morris Minor was manufactured from 1948 through 1972 and was touted as a reliable and fun car to drive. Even today, if you have one in good running condition, they can be very fun to drive. Whether you want to drive around town or keep the car garaged for show, this is a little beauty that maintains value and will last for years to come due to excellent design and durable parts.  This is a car that is great for those working with smaller budgets as they can be found with price ranges from $1000 and up depending on the condition. Over the last decade, this car has gained popularity as a family sized classic and many collectors have worked stridently to make upgrades to the brakes to replace the drum brakes with disc brakes to increase safety on the road while others have worked tirelessly to fully restore theirs to its natural condition for show or events. The Morris Minor can be found in many styles including hard top, a soft top convertible which is popular for the younger crowd and even a pickup truck with plenty of space for loading small items and packages for long trips. 

3. Porsche 911 (Type 930) Turbo

The Porsche 911 (Type 930) Turbo was manufactured from 1975 through 1989 and was one of the most popular Porsche’s ever built. In 1975, Porsche released its first ever turbo charged car, the 930 which was marketed as a 930 Turbo in Europe and a 930 Carrera in the United States. The car featured wide wheels and a rear spoiler that added to the sleek appearance and the 3.0 engine. In later years (1978 through 1989) a slimmer spoiler was added to replace the original tail and it became known only as the Porsche Turbo worldwide instead of a Carrera. This car was designed for speed and helped many a race car driver win races and receive awards. In 1979, the Porsche 930 won the Le Mans race which is the world’s oldest sports car race held in Le Mans, France and it was a staple car at many races well into the 1980’s.

2. DeLorean DMC-12

If you have ever watched the popular movie, “Back to the Future,” you are inevitably familiar with the DeLorean DMC-12 as it was the car featured as taking the actors portrayed in the film back and forth through time. While the car in the movie may have travelled to and from the future, the real DeLorean DMC-12 is a car that has withstood time to become a very popular model as well as one that has retained its overall value very well. With the exterior brushed in SS304 stainless steel instead of being painted and its gullwing doors, this car is quite a unique collector’s item. It also featured power disc brakes, rack and pinion steering and a 2.85-liter engine designed and built by Peugeot-Renault-Volvo. This is most definitely one of those cars that get many second looks from classic car fans and it is one of the most unique to collect.

1. Jaguar XJS

When it comes to luxury as well as a car that offers a smooth ride no matter the speed, the Jaguar XJS is one that will go down in the history books as one of the smoothest rides ever invented. The car was manufactured from 1976 until 1996 and has been one of the most popular Jaguar models to date. Beginning in 1975 it was designed with a 5.3 engine and a classic hard top but it progressed after 1982 as a cabriolet with a 3.6-liter engine in order to achieve better gas mileage. By 1988, the XJS was a convertible with 2 seats and has, since that time, been a very popular car for collectors worldwide. This car, when restored or well-maintained, has been one that has seen great increases in value throughout the years and is a popular car at shows and events across North America as well as Europe. Due to the engine sizes, it may be a bit expensive to take this car out for a long drive, but it is a fun car to drive and show off to thrill seekers and will definitely get attention from car lovers as they see it speed past them down the highway.

Guest post provided by Jason Mueller

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