Friday, September 19, 2014

Wings and Wheels Car/Motorcycle Show at Hill Aerospace Museum

The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah along with the Hill Aerospace Museum is hosting the 2014 Food for Life Day and Wings and Wheels car show event on Saturday September 20th from 9 a.m. to 4:30 pm. The Food for Life event is an avenue to replenish the Hill Air Force Base Airman's Attic food pantry and to continue to support those in need. The Airman's Attic food pantry, through generous donations, provides non-perishable food items and free commissary gift cards to active duty military, retirees, and other off-base community support agencies. 

The Food for Life committee expects approximately 200-300 cars and motorcycles to participate in the Wings and Wheels event and approximately 3-5K visitors for the overall event. 

Entertainment is being provided by DJ JC Hackett and The Ogden Concert Band. There will also be various base organizations with booths and displays. 

If you are interested in showing off your prized vehicle or motorcycle, the online registration is up and running on the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah's website. For anyone interested in registering all you need to do it go to the site and click on the bottom of the flyer.

Bring a non-perishable food item for the Airman's Attic at Hill AFB.

  • 2014 Wings and Wheel Food Drive & Open Cockpit Day 
  • Saturday, September 20, 2014 9:00 am – 4:30 pm 
  • Hill Aerospace Museum

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Utah's Own Dave Kindig Stars in New TV Series on Velocity Called BITCHIN' RIDES

We've been a big fan of Dave Kindig and his Salt Lake City based custom car design company Kindig-It Design for several years now.  So of course we are thrilled to hear that the Velocity channel has a new TV show that features Dave and the magic that goes on at his shop.

The show, Bitchin' Rides, has its world premiere on Velocity Tuesday, September 2nd at 9 PM ET/PT.

Here is what Velocity has to say about the new show (including an episode guide)...

Velocity Introduces Custom Car Designer Extraordinaire Dave Kindig in the All-New Series BITCHIN' RIDES

Car design is an art form with few true masters. From concept to design to build and the finished product, it takes a person with special skills and vision to craft automotive masterpieces. And an entirely separate set of skills to turn car design into a thriving business. Beginning Tuesday, September 2 at 9 PM ET/PT, Velocity, one of cable's fastest growing brands for men, is introducing audiences to the extraordinary work of automotive designer, artist, builder and entrepreneur Dave Kindig and his team in the all-new series BITCHIN' RIDES.

For 15 years Dave has built Kindig-It Design, a one stop, complete custom shop where autos are turned into spectacular works of art. Born from his childhood passion for Hot Wheels, Legos and drawing, Kindig-It Design turns out some of the most creative, one-of-a-kind vehicles on the planet. In Velocity's BITCHIN' RIDES audiences are going inside Dave's sprawling 27,000 square foot Salt Lake City business to experience how he and 26 specialists construct cars that make the car lover in all of us swoon.

"Dave's creativity and imagination are second to none," said Robert Scanlon, General Manager, Velocity. "He has a completely original, electric sense of style that is executed with a surgeon-like precision. We hope viewers everywhere will find his creative and build process fascinating, and his sleek, modern automotive work jaw-dropping. We're proud and excited to show the world what Kindig-It Design does on BITCHIN' RIDES."

Working on all car types and periods, BITCHIN' RIDES shows how Kindig and his team render, design, build and restore vehicles from the ground up before revealing the results to the car's owner. In each episode, Kindig meets with clients, reviews the car, crafts a design plan, and then tears down, remakes and then reveals the stunning new car to its owner.

The first episode of BITCHIN' RIDES, "Grandma's Ride Gets Revived", world premiering Tuesday, September 2 at 9 PM ET/PT, reveals a build 80 years in the making as a 1934 Dodge enters Kindig-It Design with a leaky fuel line and tricky roof redo. A 1967 Chevy Impala arrives as well needing a custom Kindig exhaust upgrade.

Season one concludes with a special airing of back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, October 28 with the long-term, million-dollar plus restoration of a 1940's Futurliner - a stylized bus designed by Harley Earl for General Motors. These Futurliners-only nine of 12 built exist today-were used in the General Motors Parade of Progress, travelling the U.S. exhibiting new cars and technology.

Upcoming BITCHIN' RIDES Episodes:
***All Times ET/PT***

"There's an Ass for Every Seat" 
World Premiere Tuesday, September 9 at 9 PM 
Wrenches are turning in overdrive as the Kindig-It crew grinds on a 1953 Ford Pickup, but a flesh wound threatens to make this build a bloody mess. A 1969 Camaro muscles its way through the doors for a new suspension, and a bitchin' 1965 GTO rolls up.

"More Than One Way to Skin a Cat (And a Bird)" 
World Premiere Tuesday, September 16 at 9 PM 
Former NFL tight end Chad Lewis brings an Audi R8 Spyder to Kindig for customizations that will help raise funds for his alma mater. The garage makes room for tubs and wheels on a 1978 Trans Am and Kevin gets hyped for a 1970 Challenger.

"Mile-High Rod Run" 
World Premiere Tuesday, September 23 at 9 PM 
Kindig's reputation is on the line as the shop gears up for the biggest outdoor show of the year, but getting the cars to this Rod Run proves tricky. His plan to turn proceeds from a 1927 Zipper into desperately needed AC for the shop goes south (temporarily). And the crew looks back on one of their earliest and best builds, a 1937 Chevy.

"Why Haul Hay When You Can Haul Ass?" 
World Premiere Tuesday, September 30 at 9 PM 
Kindig turns a client's outdated 1953 Chevy into a modern badass hotrod. A "Great Eight" winning Ford Kraken needs an air ride refresh, and Kevin and Kindig take a 1965 Ford Galaxie for a major burn.

"The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze" 
World Premiere Tuesday, October 7 at 9 PM 
Kindig-It Design's talents are pushed to the limits when a 1933 Ford Tudor arrives for a challenging paint match and key exterior and interior refreshes. Classic styling cues bring a 1970 Challenger back to Mopar glory, and Dave recalls a choice 1955 Bel Air.

"The Phantom Fleetside" 
World Premiere Tuesday, October 14 at 9 PM 
The Kindig crew attempts to make history as they produce a truck that does not exist. Never before has a 1950 style Fleetside been built, but Kindig thinks he's created the design of a lifetime. Custom tubs upgrade a 1972 Barracuda and The Boss arrives.

"Lights, Cameras, Auto-Rama" 
World Premiere Tuesday, October 21 at 9 PM 
It's all about pride as Kindig-It prepares for 72 hours of Auto-rama mania. Late nights and long hours await as the crew prepares 17 bitchin' rides for the judges' demanding eyes. The finest 1939 Buick in the West goes for a ride.

"A Future What?" and "The Future Never Looked So Good" 
Two-hour Season Finale 
World Premiere Tuesday, October 28 at 9 PM & 10 PM 
A former client brings in a project that will blow the doors (and maybe the roof) off the building. Kindig-It Design spends a year restoring a rare automotive behemoth, a 1939 GM Parade of Progress Futurliner. After more than 50,000 man-hours and 5,000 parts the Futurliner makes its debut. Is this Kindig's finest hour?

BITCHIN' RIDES is produced for Velocity by Fischer Productions. Nick Meagher is executive producer for Fischer Productions. For Velocity, David Lee is director of production and development, and Robert Scanlon is general manager.

Source:  Velocity